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Let us help you skyrocket the growth of your service or community. With advertisements on the very top of our space quiz and other services, your community will launch into the future.

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  • 💰 CTA(Call-To-Action) AD on top of AQOD & Universe Launches
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What Requirements Should I Meet?

  1. Instagram Account In Good Standing
  2. Follower count of 1000 or greater
  3. Creating content in one of the following niches: astronomy, aerospace, astrophotography

What Do I Have To Do?

Spend ~3 min a day posting 2 stories to Instagram promoting the use of AQOD. Templates and Instructions are provided to you upon approval of your application.

What's In It For Me?

All affiliates receive a monthly shoutout, Instagram handle placement on the Astronomy Quiz of The Day page and a complimentary membership to Universe.


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Affiliate Program

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