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Create A Contactless Business Card Using NFC
Learn how to write a website URL to an NFC tag using the NFC Tools app in this step-by-step tutorial. Enhance your website’s interactivity and make it easily accessible for users with an NFC-enabled device.
Subdermal Security: Two-Factor Authentication With Subdermal Implant
Demonstration video of using two-factor authentication TOTP with a subdermal implant.

Subdermal Electronics Systems

Apex Flex - $399

I can use my Apex Flex to perform cryptobionic capabilities. This can range from using it as an NFC hardware security token utilizing U2F and FIDO2(Like a Yubikey) to storing BIP32(Bitcoin Seeds) to generating two-factor TOTP authentication codes on-device(like Google Authenticator) - no batteries or internet needed!

Apex Flex

Vivokey Spark 2 - $109.99

I can use my Vivokey Spark 2 to perform cryptobionic capabilities such as authentication with the OpenID connect protocol allowing usage of my implant to login to open source services using an open protocol without the need for a username or password for authentication. Additionally, I can use this to link to my Linkedin.

Spark 2

Dangerous Things NExT - $89.99

My NExT supports both high-frequency NFC(near field communication) and RFID(radio-frequency identification) protocols allowing for the use of access control into buildings that support RFID badge authentication(like an ID badge) and storage of NDEF(NFC Data Exchange Format) data like my website, social media accounts, and more.


Dangerous Things xNT- $69.00

I use my xNT to perform high-frequency NFC access control, such as secure authentication to my hardware systems, such as logging into my computer, and I can store website links and more.


Health and Epigenomics

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