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Contribution | Applying to the program

  I am glad to see that you would like to be a contributer for Universe. Please fill the application form and your application will be promptly reviewed within 24 hours!

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Contribution | Creating your first post

General Advice

  Welcome to your platform to share your ideas, news, and more! You are ready to create your first post. With the ability to publish content on a leading and transparent platform comes great responsibility.

  Whenever you write an article for Universe, it will be directly associated with your account. This means what you publish directly reflects on you. So ensure to write with purpose and acknoledgement that anything posted on the internet is not guarenteed to disappear from the internet.

  The internet is filled with misinformation and poorly researched information. While people may have good intentions, they can convey facts that are not supported by reliable, vetted sources. On Universe, articles that are shown to not have any effort in including third-party, independent references/sources will be taken down. So be sure to do adaquete research before hand and you will not have to worry about your article being moved to draftspace for revision.

Universe. and politically active subjects

  At Universe, whether an article is about a politically active subject or supports political views of one figure/part over another has NO EFFECT on an article's status, position, or discoverability - period.

  If an article is strictly made without any mention of scientific or philosophic ideals and happens to be a political advertisement, bash, etc, then the article will be marked as spam, moved into draftspace and the contributer will have their ability revoked as this falls under general spam for not contributing to the Universe. standards.

What type of content should be posted on Universe?

  Universe. is a online site for users to publish scientific or philosophical research, ideas, thoughts, debates, and more. This could be research on a new exoplanet or thoughts on evolving biohacking technologies like CRISPR. We are about sharing information and thoughts worth spreading.

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