Empowering the Astrophotography Community: Introducing the Astro Ambassador Program

Empowering the Astrophotography Community: Introducing the Astro Ambassador Program

We’re thrilled to announce that the Astro Ambassador program is now live and accepting applications!

Become an Astro Ambassador

This groundbreaking initiative seeks to empower and engage talented astrophotographers and NFT enthusiasts dedicated to exploring the universe and sharing their knowledge and experiences with others.

As an Astro Ambassador, members will not only be able to showcase their amazing work but also support and elevate their peers through their contributions to the community. We’re proud to have an esteemed panel of judges, including the visionary founder of Lady Rocket Foundation, Eva Blaisdell, who will be selecting the top applicants for this prestigious program.

Astro Ambassador Judges

Ambassadors will earn revenue from the ATC royalty program and additional benefits thanks to our partnership with Lady Rocket Foundation offering exclusive events and collaborations with leading organizations in the space industry.

Astro Ambassador Incentives

The benefits of the Astro Ambassador program are not just limited to the ambassadors themselves. General users of the AstroFeed dApp can trust that the content they view and share on the platform is credible, given the impressive backgrounds of the ambassadors who are respected and produce stunning work.

AstroFeed, our soon to be released social media dApp, aims to provide exposure and networking opportunities for astrophotographers and space enthusiasts to showcase their work, get that important footprint on the Blockcahin as the content creator and also build their personal brand. With the addition of the Astro Ambassadors, the platform will offer even more exceptional content and a community that is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and passion for space exploration.

AstroFeed dApp

We can’t wait to see the incredible talent and passion that will emerge from the Astro Ambassador program. To apply, simply fill out the Google form, and we’ll be in touch with next steps. Join us on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery!

More Information: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vSdGAK0VPxk_lBpyEAspNElKvELt0ou0po6dvDuWRb1yMX2PyzboOGNC_IZasYMQuAz21XSXNNxiIjd/pub?start=true&loop=false&delayms=60000&slide=id.p

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxtRzvtbVl4

Apply Here: https://forms.gle/JE6ma7a8195hviEA9

AstroChain GitBook: https://astrochain.gitbook.io/your-guide-to-astrochain/

Purchase ATC NFT: https://www.astrochain.io

Together, Advancing into the Limitless Universe!

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