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Who is Josh Habka?

Josh Habka is a dynamic individual known for his roles as an analog astronaut, science communicator, biohacker, and CEO of Astrochain. He is also an astrophysics student and a content creator with a passion for astrophysics.

What does Josh Habka do as a science communicator?

Josh is actively engaged in science communication, reaching a broad audience through his educational blog, Instagram page, YouTube channel, and podcast "StarFM". He is dedicated to expanding knowledge in astronomy and related disciplines.

What are Josh Habka's academic pursuits?

Josh is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is also taking classes for a Master's in Commercial Enterprise in Space at the Florida Institute of Technology.

What is Astrochain, and what is Josh Habka's role in it?

Astrochain is a US-based space research company that Josh Habka leads as CEO. The company focuses on developing blockchain applications for astronomy and space exploration.

What is Josh Habka's involvement in astronaut training?

Josh is engaged in intensive astronaut training through the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences. He is preparing for research in unique environments such as microgravity and celestial bodies like the Moon and Mars.

How can I follow Josh Habka's work or contact him?

Josh Habka can be followed and contacted through various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and his official website. He also offers a newsletter subscription for updates.

What kind of content does Josh Habka create and share?

Josh Habka creates and shares content related to astronomy, space exploration, and biohacking. His content includes educational posts, podcast episodes, and YouTube videos.

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