Big NEWS, Subscription Updates, Site Updates

Josh Habka
Jul 10, 2023
3 min read

Welcome to the first edition of my weekly newsletter. I plan to send this out once a week which will cover latest blog posts, space news, and personal updates! I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. It's been an exciting journey exploring the mysteries of the cosmos together on our platform.


Soon I will be talking about an incredible experience that I will be doing this Fall with a few of my astro friends! Stay tuned :)

II. Subscription Pricing Updates!

Today, we're reaching out to share some important updates on our premium support subscription pricing. We're incredibly grateful for the community that's growing around our content and we want to ensure that we can continue delivering high-quality, educational posts, and experiences that feed your curiosity about the cosmos.

Here's a rundown of our newly updated plans:

Supporter: $5/month

  • Start with a 5-day free trial period.
  • Access our trove of over 40+ educational posts.
  • Get a weekly Instagram shoutout!
  • Enjoy an exclusive role on our Discord and Forums.
  • Support space missions and endeavors while benefiting from a limited early adopter price.

Super Supporter: $20/month

  • Delve deeper with unrestricted access to our educational posts.
  • Get a head start with early access to our Universe Exoplanet Travel Commission Original Video Series.
  • Avail the same exclusive role on our Discord and Forums.
  • Benefit from a limited early adopter price.
  • Support space missions and endeavors in a bigger way.
  • Access the exclusive "Let's Explore Space!" course.

By joining as a Supporter or Super Supporter, you're not just accessing high-quality, exclusive content. You're helping support our mission to educate and inspire more people about the wonders of our universe. You're becoming part of a community of people who believe in the importance of astronomy education.

III. Website Updates!

Check out the new updates made to the website, notably the homepage. Now you are able to connect with my on other social medias with the new "Bento" design on the homepage. This makes it effortless to find me on other social platforms!

Why so many updates to the website?

In the era of rapidly advancing technology, our attention is constantly being sought by an ever-growing number of social platforms. These platforms, with their powerful algorithms, have a surprising amount of control over the information we consume and how we interact with it. This control can sometimes make our digital interactions feel less authentic, less "social", and more dictated by unseen forces.

This is why it is critical now more than ever, for creators to truly own their content and have control over who sees it, without the interference of third-party algorithms. I believe that as passionate seekers of knowledge, we should have the freedom to consume content that truly resonates with us, not just what is dictated by an algorithm.

To honor this belief, I am devoting more resources to providing high-quality astronomy content on platforms where the experience feels more genuine and less controlled. Platforms such as my website, where educational blog posts and the engaging 'Astronomy Quiz of The Day' are shared; our informative weekly newsletter(with over 7400+ awesome subscribers!!!), and my instances on the Fediverse through Mastodon and Lemmy.

My commitment remains steadfast to offer not just content, but experiences that inspire, educate, and bring us together as a community of astronomy and space enthusiasts. By focusing on these platforms, I aim to ensure that our journey into the cosmos is led by our curiosity, passion, and shared interest, not by the whims of a platform algorithm.

We thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Looking forward to exploring more of the cosmos together in next week's edition of the newsletter :)

Best, Josh

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