Survived The Life on Mars Simulation!

Survived The Life on Mars Simulation!


WE SURVIVED MARS - It is January 26th, 2049 and 46 martians have landed on the red planet in six SpaceX #starship vehicles with the task of building and sustaining the first and largest habitat ever established on the Martian surface - 225 million kilometers away from Earth.

The Life on Mars Experience was a three day in-person simulation conducted by the Space Foundation at the Nova Southeastern University Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The objective of the simulation was to serve as an interactive, fast-paced, and collaborative hackathon to see a potential way to colonize Mars.

The mission consisted of six teams:
Habitat Operations - Design and implement transportation and energy systems infrastructure.
Health and Safety - Prepare and provide emergency services for inhabitants.
Human Services and Recreation - Implement programs to foster individual and community mental health and recreation.
Nutrition and Agriculture - Manage a sustainable food production system to feed inhabitants.
Resource Development and Management - Manage raw resources and infrastructure to support fundamental efforts on Mars.
Structure and Suit Design - Design protective suits and construct a habitat to withstand the harsh conditions of Mars.

In just 29 hours, the teams had to come up with a scientifically professional presentation about how their respective team would contribute to not only the team's mission objectives, but more importantly that of the colony, including naming the colony - #audacity Within the duration, there were multiple emergencies - including dust storms, equipment malfunctions, and habitat pressure seal leaks which involved stopping current work and working to remediate the disaster at hand.

On January 28, 2024 we presented in-front of people all around the world virtually and in-person, along with a multidisciplinary panel of expert judges from NASA. After each team presented, the panel of judges announced that we survived Mars.

· The Martian Report, Full Live Stream:
· Space Foundation:

Mission Control(The Extraplanetary Group) - THANK YOU!:
Cari Reinert Kelli Kedis Ogborn Sasha Kedzie Scott P.

Participants("Audacious Martians"):
Kristin Petersen Dani Payán Breanna Sieck Jaap Donath, Ph.D. Niccolò Pinzan Cindy Montgenie Kristiyan Stefanov Vanessa Chapman Arijit Sengupta Eduardo E. Sanchez Rijo Abby Threatt Kaelyn Tindall Nicholas Wiseman Parks Easter Susie Bennett Emily Apollonio Shirley Auxais William O'Hara Alessandro Gigante Robert J Trostle II Dieter Avella Tyler Campbell Taylor K. Nugent - Let me know if I missed you!

Contact Information:
Kelli Kedis Ogborn - Primary Organizer
Space Foundation - Organizing Organization
Nova Southeastern University - Host Institution
Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation - Host Facility
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